2017 Tesla Model E Price First Look and Interior

There are a couple of rumors that the new 2017 Tesla Model E will be launched anytime soon. A lot of its fans said that the brand new Tesla car will hit the auto market at the end of the 2016. This brand new car will be the third generation of famous Tesla vehicles which are called Tesla 3. This model calls E series because one of the engineers says that it is only for logical reasons because 3 represent the third model.

2017 Tesla Model E Price

2017 Tesla Model E

2017 Tesla Model E

The brand new car will be smaller than the previous model, but you have to spend double money to get this car at least $35,000. For those of you who cannot wait to buy this amazing car, you have to wait for the beginning of 2016 when a lot of fans expect this car to be launched.

2017 Tesla Model E Exterior

2017 Tesla Model E rimage

2017 Tesla Model E image

The brand new car will be smaller which is about 20% and weight lighter vehicle and this is the info that you can get from this car. This car is lighter which means it features better driving performances, less fuel economy and stability on the road. According to auto publishers, the company will launch two versions of this model such as crossover and sedan.

2017 Tesla Model E Interior

You have to be curious about the interior of this car as there is no official announcement about this interior. A couple of auto journalists claim that the brand new Tesla Model E will be futuristic and modern. This brand new car also has a touch of luxury and also comfortable. There are a couple of high quality materials that you can find which have been used by Tesla. But a lot of fans are curious about the designers to resolve the lack of space because the car has smaller dimensions.

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